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How would you like to have the control over your company’s travel related expenditures (cost, reporting policy and expense management) and at the same time grant your employees more freedom to deal with their travel itineraries via a single online tool?

The system automatically includes discounts you’ve negotiated with suppliers. It also searches inventory from virtually all sources, flagging those which are in and out of compliance. And because it’s seamlessly integrated with the leading expense reports solution, the click that books the trip reports the expense – in real time. Call PCT today to learn more about reducing the costs associated with travel booking while increasing compliance with Concur.

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Cytric by amadeus

Cytric Travel & Expenses is an online platform which facilitates booking of competitively priced products that any traveler might require for their travels. The platform helps in comparing prices and offers from a variety of travel service providers by engaging directly with them to locate the most competitive deal via a fully-integrated interface. With Cytric Travel & Expenses personal internet portal, travelers can access their own bookings made at any point in time, any place they happen to be present at a given moment.

  • Quick. and Convenient online booking of business trips
  • Travel information
  • online booking
  • and receipt entry
  • Easy submission of electronic travel applications
  • Travel safety and compliance with company requirements
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