Event Management in 2019

Preferred Corporate Travel has partnered with the powerful event management platform Cvent to give our event clients the advantages of top technology and travel industry resources. Our target audience for PCT +Cvent is corporate meeting organizers and event planners who want a comprehensive solution for all aspects of planning, organizing and delivering company meetings, seminars, and multi-day conferences.

Seamless & Beautifully Crafted Events from Invitation to Farewell

Managing All the Details

Website, Email and follow-up correspondence Templates ready and waiting for your brand.

RSVP, Registration, and Payment Functionality for Attendees.

Administrative Access and Reporting for Event Organizers.

PCT Travel’s event travel experts supporting you and your attendees to ensure both.

Flexible & On Budget

Buying Power

Our platform is connected to a network of venues, accommodations, airlines, and ground transportation providers. Bulk fares and negotiated rates are built into the core of this platform and you are automatically able to take advantage of great rates, as well as a travel network team with unsurpassed experience.

Support Where You Need It

As a Cvent partner, PCT Travel is able to assist you with all aspects of planning, promoting, and running your event. The platform is also very user friendly and designed to that you can decide how much you do yourself and how much we assist you.

Win, Win!

Attendee Experience

From communications that build enthusiasm, to personalized travel assistance, to venues and accommodations that delight, your attendees have every opportunity to relax, focus, and completely engage in your event.

Event Planning & Management 2.0

As the event organizer, PCT + Cvent gives you a single solution for planning, budgeting, administrating and even following up with attendees. Anyone with experience in organizing meeting, seminars, and conferences quickly understands that the right platform with the right support is transformational to event management!